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OK....this is the FIRST time I am gonna go all out fangirling, where as usually I am more quiet about it...OMFG SHINee is my newest obsession.
Especially TAEMIN. MY GOD HE IS SO PRETTY! And I am diggin the new hairstyle, only he could pull of that long hair. And Lucifer...HOT HOT HOT! I love Minho and Taemin as a couple, yes I love yaoi and I am proud of it. I have already started to write fanfiction about them and some of the members and I think I have watched almost every show they are on in the last two eyes hurt but I love Korean shows(even better when they are in them) and my gut hurts from laughing...*sigh* so much to say but too excited and anxious to write fanficiton and find all available vids and stories about them...and why are korean boys so pretty? They put all girls to shame lol. Well gotta go finish watching and reading SHINee. Peace and love


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