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Lost her copy of Repo! Genetic Opera and is moody as hell....curse you hormones and being a female. Its very frustrating when you are contsantly "turning the other cheek" and no one seems to be on the same level of being nice as you and realizing just how much control I am using constantly, emotionally physically mentally...its exhausting and I can feel my control being ground down slowly but surely....I love my friends and gf but sometimes they need to realize just how irritating they can be...and some of the people I have to deal with in my job need to just go away.  Stupid house is always making noises and nightmares are coming back with a vengence and I am sooo tired.. I usually dont complain but damn it feels good sometimes...just ranting, things will be all good tmmrw. One thing for sure...I need to meditate more<3


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