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Such a long day...started my day way too early, and the heat outside was absolutely ridiculous. Shit hit the fan (my fault) and I am soooo happy and relieved that I am given yet another chance. I think we all got the closure we wanted. On the bright side, I am finally moving in with my baby and my dear cuz/soulmate in a non romantic way lol.  New house, new job, new start. No more duking it out with the family about my lifestyle choices or coming home late. I am just ready for this week to be over with so that I can finally have that new start with the people most important to me.

Ranting and Raving
I am done giving people the benefit of the doubt. Lately I have become too trusting and it has bit me in the ass twice this week. No more. I need to find an outlet and I think I am gonna go run my ass off! Ja ne

OK....this is the FIRST time I am gonna go all out fangirling, where as usually I am more quiet about it...OMFG SHINee is my newest obsession.
Especially TAEMIN. MY GOD HE IS SO PRETTY! And I am diggin the new hairstyle, only he could pull of that long hair. And Lucifer...HOT HOT HOT! I love Minho and Taemin as a couple, yes I love yaoi and I am proud of it. I have already started to write fanfiction about them and some of the members and I think I have watched almost every show they are on in the last two days...my eyes hurt but I love Korean shows(even better when they are in them) and my gut hurts from laughing...*sigh* so much to say but too excited and anxious to write fanficiton and find all available vids and stories about them...and why are korean boys so pretty? They put all girls to shame lol. Well gotta go finish watching and reading SHINee. Peace and love

EMI--beautiful blessing in Japanese.


love love love
my gf got me a puppy for our one year, and she is adorable! and we got another dog and both of them need potty training and everything so its been like having kids...so tired but its worth it<3

Lost her copy of Repo! Genetic Opera and is moody as hell....curse you hormones and being a female. Its very frustrating when you are contsantly "turning the other cheek" and no one seems to be on the same level of being nice as you and realizing just how much control I am using constantly, emotionally physically mentally...its exhausting and I can feel my control being ground down slowly but surely....I love my friends and gf but sometimes they need to realize just how irritating they can be...and some of the people I have to deal with in my job need to just go away.  Stupid house is always making noises and nightmares are coming back with a vengence and I am sooo tired.. I usually dont complain but damn it feels good sometimes...just ranting, things will be all good tmmrw. One thing for sure...I need to meditate more<3


Sooo I died my hair black and I love it!!!!!! Love love love love it! And my poor boss has had his money stolen by his youngest son, and he slipped and fell...been busy busy!  And the part that kills me is my boss has called the pound to get rid of his sons dog... ={ its not the dogs fault her owner is a deusch!(spelling?) lol. But thats life...but good news! me and my gf are going to adopt two dogs friday! a puppy and a big dog...soooo kawaii. I am gonna get pics up asap, but hope all is well!

1) What songs are you currently addicted to?
DBSK – Begin
DBSK – Love in the ice
Repo!- Chase the Morning
Darin ft Kat Deluna- Breathing your love(Absolute Dance, Trance)

2) What was the last movie you saw?
Avatar The Last Airbender-graphics were awesome but the story line was rushed...otherwise very good movie


4) Cats or dogs?

5) What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Everything about DBSK,YUNJAE and YOOSU specifically, The L WORD(SHARMEN COUPLE), and Borderlands and Halo

6) What's one thing you miss about being a kid?
Not having to have a job... 

7) What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Always closest to the wall

8) What was the last thing you bought?
groceries...(oh the woes of being an adult) ^_^

9) Would you rather date a good singer, or a good cook?
I dont eat alot anywayz...so probably a singer...anyone from DBSK will do just fine

10) If you could speak any language (including that of animals, plants, rainbows, whatever floats your boat), what would it be?
I want to speak to animals<3

11) What do you do when you're in a bad mood?
listen to music and hide inside my head, headphones and blast dark music

12) What was the last meal you ate?
CHIMI'S!!!! yum 

13) What celebrity do you wish you looked like?
Never really thought about it, but if I was able to look like one I would probably choose Nicole from PCD

14) Five things you can't live without?
writing, music, friends, family,computer

15) Find the closest book currently sitting near you and flip to page 54. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph?
No book around...*sigh*

16) What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
Grow some balls and man up ^_^

17) What are you looking forward to?
School starting again...and anniversary 

18) What is playing out of your speakers, right now?
Ghost Love Score


my gorgeous boys<3

This performance capture's the essence of the chemistry and power these guys have on stage and as a group. Even though they are broken up I still have faith and support all of them in their personal endeavors. Does NOT mean I have stoppe fangirling and writing sexy and smutty fanfiction. DBSK hwighting...
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I have a bunch of fics for DBSK, but I am not sure how to go about posting them, or if I need a beta or something?I will eventually post up most of them, hopefully soon=>


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